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Move Me Around: I Respond

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How Different Focal Lengths Affect The Image

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One Minute Is Plenty Showreel In Stills

The following is a brief one minute showreel of still photos in order to keep it short but sweet. Who says one minute isn’t enough?

“We’re playing with the big boys now.”

– TONY BOGOVIC, Head Camera Operator, Australian Tennis Open

The Video Production Process The Five Steps

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This is where the project sprouts. It is the creation and planning stage of a project. During development, a preliminary budget is made, cast are attached, key creatives are chosen, main locations scouted and multiple script drafts may be written. It’s the groundwork that decides what the project will be and how much it will cost to produce.

Pre-production (or ‘pre’ as it’s sometimes called) is where scripts are refined, budgets are adjusted, actors are cast, locations scouted, the crew employed, shooting schedules amended, sets designed and built, costumes made and fitted, and everything to do with the shoot is discussed and planned.

The production stage is where the rubber hits the road. The writer, director, producer, and other creatives finally see their ideas come to life. Production is usually the shortest of the five phases, even though it is paramount to the project and where most of the budget is allotted. This is the busiest phase, with the crew swelling and the days becoming longer in order to be as efficient as possible with the equipment and locations.

Often called simply ‘post’, this is where the footage is edited, sound is mixed, visual effects are added, a soundtrack is composed, titles are created, and the project is completed and prepared for distribution. Although the shooting crew has done a lot of hard work, now the post-production crew face arduous hours of work ahead of them to piece together the scenes and craft a stunning story.

Without a stringent and robust distribution strategy, the other four stages of production are somewhat redundant, at least from a business perspective. Distribution is the final stage in a project for producers looking to make a return-on-investment. This can be from advertisement distribution, selling to a TV network or streaming service, or uploading to a video sharing platform.


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