Screaming Green Meanie Power Board

Vroom, Zoom The Board of Broadbeach

Have a squizz at the screaming Green Meanie.

All aboard the green express!

This little green beastie started off when Tim came across what was left of a small motorbike (a pit bike for those in the know). The two stroke CAG engine seemed fine by appearances, and after some tinkering started up fine. The frame from the motorbike was ditched, and a Mongoose mountain bike frame was donated for the cause. After an over-sized alloy truck (the front axle) was ordered, Tim had the beginnings of a powered mountain board.

A bunch of thinking, measuring, cutting, grinding, TIG welding and general tinkering later, the board was ready for some trial runs. 


During the second testing session on a field (with the girl in the photos), I let go of the throttle lever abruptly at full speed. Even though the remote hand controller also had a brake lever, simply letting go of the throttle was enough to slow the board down quickly in the grass. Quickly enough, in fact, for me to go flying over the front of it, landing on my shoulder and breaking my collar bone.

This was a sign that the board was quite fast (around 45km/h in the grass or 60 on the road). But obviously not fast enough!

The engine is now fitted with all the go-fast upgrades available, and a stainless steel and aluminium performance expansion chamber/exhaust system to boot. Now she’s good for 85km/h. Which is probably fast enough.


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