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Video Production

High quality at the right price. We’re not here to show off and swamp you with pretentious industry jargon, we just get on with doing a good job.

Graphic Design

Clean, modern graphic design with an eye kept firmly on the consumer and the end goal. As subtle or as flashy as you like: it’s your choice.

Web Design

Responsive websites that work on all devices. Clear, contemporary and to the point. We can also host your new or existing website.

Standing out is easy: It just takes good ideas and good design.
Nice Work provides you with both.

“You definitely know your stuff and are a pleasure to work with.
Two thumbs up!”

GLEN ION, Managing Director, Ion Marketing

Brisbane Tennis Open

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A Bit About Us

Nice Work does everything from meeting clients for initial project planning, through to development, production and implementation. Having been in the industry for a while now, the company is fluent in the workflow process.

Who We Are

NiceWork.com.au was started in 2011 by Tim Stroud to promote and showcase top notch video production, graphic design, signage and web design.

The site has gone through several variants and is dedicated to being nice and fresh.

What We Do

Everything to do with VISUAL MEDIA.

How We Can Help

If you’re looking for some fresh visuals, we’re here to help–and we know what we’re doing.

Also, unlike many other creatives who sit around in coffee shops preening their egos and sipping fancy coffees, we actually work. In fact, you could say that we work hard instead of hardly working.




We’ve come to a point in human history that, love it or hate it, pretty much everyone can be connected to anyone else through the devices most of us carry with us all of the time. And since we can connect, it may as well be easy to do so. Seamlessly.

We enable that.

But whatever.
Our stuff is good.

That’s all.



9-15 Harrier Drive,
Burleigh Waters,
Queensland 4220


Mon-Fri: 8:30 - 17:00
Sat & Sun: Flexible

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